Monday, April 16, 2012

UA/ASU Joint Meeting Program

Remember the ASU/UA Joint Linguistics Meeting this Saturday. I will be the last speaker. This is generally a really fun, informal but informative event. If you are linguist or a linguistics oriented person in Arizona, you should try to be here.

1:00 Alvaro Cerrón-Palomino: "Resumption in Spanish Relative Clauses:
Why Subjects are Different"
1:45 Elly van Gelderen: "Psych-verbs in the history of English"
2:10 Patsy Hansel: "Code Choice in the Spanish as a Foreign Language
2:35 Claire Renaud: "A processing investigation of the gender feature
in second language acquisition: Evidence from Spanish and French"
3:05 Jing Xia: “Rhetorical Invention in the Understanding of Research
Topic Selection: Prospects and Problems”
3:30 Coffee Break
3:50 Robert LaBarge: “vP-Shell, θ-Structure, and UG Implications in
4:15 James Berry: “Cyclical Renewal of Adverbs and Adpositions”
4:40 Dave Medeiros: TBA
5:05 Jeff Punske: "What nominalization can tell us about regularity"

Immediately following: Potluck/Department party at Andy and Adam’s house

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